25' - Site-specific movement production on Selfhood, Sanity, and Intangible Treasures within Human Kind(ness)

filming by Anna Dako & Bircan Birol

production In The Open - Outdoor Arts Theatre November 2020

movement: Laura Booth Shayne Lilith-Moon Sofia Kondylia

instrumentals: Magi Winmill-Hermann

production assistance: Diana Monteiro Toombs

on-site assistance and photography: Noemi Dako

artistic guidance and choreography: Anna Dako

location: Countesswells Forest, Aberdeen

location consultation: Forestry and Land Scotland

Premiere: Screen.Dance Festival - 2021

Recording Dvorak Concerto - Nadège Rochat and RSNO



filmed and edited by  Bircan Birol



based on: On How to Feel Think in Movement: 5-Day

Outdoor Movement Experience with Self-Filming


designed by Dr Anna Dako


movement, voice, words and filming: Valeria Lembo


concept and movement methodology: Anna Dako


editing: Bircan Birol


supervision and consultancy: Anna Dako


location: Anacapri, Italy October 2020