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thirteen north: connected (2023)

Artist Profile films 

director & editor Bircan Birol 
cinematographer Kasparas Vidunas
sound mix Roderich Buchanan Dunlop

commissioner: Creative Scotland &

European Union Youth Orchestra’s Café Bauhaus initiative

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culture collective films (2022)

Artist Profile films 

 filmed and edited by Bircan Birol​

​commissioner: Govanhill Baths Culture Collective

love the sinner (2021)

Multimedia performance film 7'


written and performed by Imogen Stirling

 filmed, designed, and edited by Bircan Birol​​

music: Sarah Carton

music master: Caleb Azumah Nelson

​from the stage show and print collection

Love the Sinner

​commissioner: Vanishing Point

Watch the excerpt here.

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forest within (2020)

Movement Film 25'


filming by Anna Dako & Bircan Birol

production In The Open - Outdoor Arts Theatre November 2020

movement: Laura Booth Shayne Lilith-Moon Sofia Kondylia

instrumentals: Magi Winmill-Hermann

production assistance: Diana Monteiro Toombs

on-site assistance and photography: Noemi Dako

artistic guidance and choreography: Anna Dako

location: Countesswells Forest, Aberdeen

location consultation: Forestry and Land Scotland

Premiere: Screen.Dance Festival - 2021

Watch the trailer here.

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recording dvorak concerto (2019)

filmed and edited by Bircan Birol

 collabration with Nadège Rochat and RSNO​

docu-performance film 5'

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