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I work as a facilitator in participatory documentary filmmaking. I believe in the power of self-representation and the creative potential in everyone. My focus is on immigration and underrepresented groups, to change the negative mainstream narratives surrounding them/us. I believe change can start with new storytellers and accessible filmmaking, so I collaborate with community groups and organisations.


No Radio Silence - 2021

Hybrid Documentary - Educational Resource

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I had the chance to work with a group of amazing women, the Unity Sisters, who had all experienced the asylum system in the UK. After six weeks of workshops focused on storytelling, sound recording, filming, directing, producing, and editing, the group created a hybrid documentary film called "No Radio Silence."


The film discusses the challenges that refugees and asylum seekers, particularly women, face in Glasgow as they integrate into society. The voices in the film call for change and propose solutions from individuals, communities, policymakers, and ultimately the current system that does not allow for the full integration of refugees and asylum seekers. After the film's premiere, it became an e-book educational resource that will be sent out to local schools. This resource supports teachers in creating discussion activities around the "No Radio Silence" short film.


The Unity Sisters and the Govanhill Baths Community Trust created this resource as part of the "Our Rights, Our Communities" project.

It will start with me - 2023

Hybrid Documentary


A film by peer researchers from Unity Sisters and Milk Cafe, who worked together to evaluate the "Our Rights, Our Communities" project. The short hybrid film documents their journey as researchers. Peer research is a methodology that puts those with lived experience of the subject being researched in control of the research. In this project, a group of six New Scots Women involved in the ‘Our Rights, Our Communities’ project undertook the evaluation, under the mentorship of a researcher from GCPH. This group collectively decided on their research questions and methods, as well as conducting the data collection and analysis. They authored the final research report and created other outputs to disseminate the findings of the work to other New Scots Women and their wider communities. 

Following a similar approach to filmmaking, after six weeks of workshops, the film was scripted, filmed and edited by the workshop attendees. The film has also been accepted for publication in an academic journal called Sociological Research Online.

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